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Port Tech Cluster Office

Port Tech Clusters are a network that facilitates technological innovation

and supports critical services for Blue Economy.

The 2 main objectives are:

  • Leverage ocean science+r&d services for generating innovation and entrepeneurship to transform the value matrix of portugal’s ocean economy.

  • Use ports as innovation acceleration platforms for developing ocean advanced industries, integrated in global value chains, thus transforming portugal’s ocean economy value matrix.

The network of Port Tech Clusters, will bring together innovative companies and research centers to shorten development cycles and bring specific business incubators or accelerators to market faster, applying Industry 4.0 principles to the maritime and ports sector. 

The network will be available in the major’s Portuguese ports concerning 7 key areas:

  • Green Port Cluster

  • Ocean Renewable Energy Cluster

  • Vessels Cluster

  • Digital Ports Cluster

  • Green Shipping Cluster

  • Offshore robotics and engineering Cluster

  • Nautical Leisure Cluster

Port Tech Cluster Office is coordinated by APP (Ports of Portugal Association) in articulation with AICEP and DGPM.

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