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The Port of Lisbon boasts a privileged localisation, near the main consumption centre of Portugal. Featuring three specialised terminals in this market segment, with modern infrastructures and accessibilities, and with global capacity of around one million TEU, the Port of Lisbon is therefore a preference in the transposition to the productive and consuming hinterland of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region. Container traffic is particularly important for Lisbon: it has regular cabotage services to the main North European and Spanish ports, as well as a large number of direct services carried out by the main container ship lines.


National ship owners also operate this traffic, connecting Lisbon to the Azores, Madeira and Africa (mostly Portuguese-speaking countries). The fact that the port of Lisbon integrated the «CSI – Container Security Initiative» in January 2006 - setting up of equipment for non intrusive inspection to containers -, reinforced the privileged intervention that it already carried out in the commercial exchange with the USA. Lisbon is also an important centre for storage and handling of bulk.


Featuring various specialised terminals and duly equipped as pertains safety and respect for the environment, the Port of Lisbon features facilities that are perfectly complementary: some are more adequate for local cargo and others for “deep-sea” and “transhipment”, as well as for strategic stocking. There is capacity for the offshore handling of cargo by using floating cranes and barges for the river transhipment with direct and indirect deliveries.


  • Offshore robotics and engineering Cluster

  • Digital Ports Cluster

  • Green Shipping Cluster

Port Capacity


Alcântara Container Terminal
STª Apolónia Container Terminal


Multipurpose Terminal - TSA
Multipurpose Terminal - ETE
Multipurpose Terminal - TMB


Silopor - Trafaria
Silopor - Beato
Sovena - Palença
LBC Tanquipor - Barreiro
Atlanport – Barreiro

Handling Capacity

350.000 TEU
450.000 TEU


130.000 TEU
1.150.000 Ton
564.000 Ton


2.200.000 Ton
1.320.000 Ton
1.570.000 Ton
830.000 Ton
1.000.000 Ton







Main Products Handled

Container Cargo
Container Cargo


Container Cargo
General Cargo
General Cargo, Dry Bulk


Dry Bulk
Dry Bulk
Dry Bulk
Liquid Bulk
Dry and Liquid Bulk


159.532 m2
164.500 m2


48.200 m2
20.000 m2
20.000 m2


158.811 m2
31.720 m2
30.729 m2
73.140 m2
157.811 m2


Liscont - Operadores de Contentores, S.A..
"Sotagus - Terminal de Contentores de Stª
Apolónia, S.A"
TSA - Terminal de Santa Apolónia, Lda.
E.T.E.- Empresa de Tráfego e Estiva, S.A.
"Terminal Multiusos do Beato - Operações
Portuárias, S.A.."
Silopor - Empresa de Silos Portuários, S.A.
Silopor - Empresa de Silos Portuários, S.A.
Sovena Oilseeds Portugal, S.A
LBC-Tanquipor, S.A
Atlanport - Sociedade de Exploração Portuária, S.A.

Quay Lengh

630 m
750 m


480 m
420 m
500 m


730 m
198 m
290 m
80 m
730 m




Address: Gare Marítima de Alcântara , 1350-355 Lisboa

Phone: (+) 351 21 361 10 00



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