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Organic Cosmetics based on Willd Algae from Azores

BODY OCEAN is a Portuguese brand that unites skills and know how from Marine Botanic, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, and Cosmetics.
The BODY OCEAN brand focuses on the creation of Skin Care Products manufactured in Portugal based on Portuguese and Wild Marine Algae, complemented with a high index of Biological Ingredients.
Our main values are respect for the Oceans and its wildlife. To promote a lifestyle responsibly in contact with nature. Safety and transparency in our ingredients. We are sustainably committed to the environment and the community of the regions involved in our products.
Our mission is to bring you biological skin care products, produced in Portugal, based on extracts of wild marine algae from Portuguese pristine waters, allowing Nature to take care of your skin in a healthy way


Concrete Application

Marine algae contain bioactive compounds of high importance for cosmetics such as marine polysaccharides, peptides, fatty acids and phytohormones that ensure several skin benefits: anti-aging, antioxidant action, photo protection and moisturizing.
Our main ingredient is the wild red seaweed ASPARAGOPSIS ARMATA, an antioxidant algae, known to be rich in micronutrients such as Marine Polysaccharides, Organic Silicon and Magnesium.
Our unique ASPARAGOPSIS ARMATA EXTRACT works together with the Organic Hip Rose seed Oil, the Organic Aloe Vera Extract, the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, providing a regenerating and moisturizing effect of the epidermis, leaving skin softer and more luminous.

Market Potential

Grand View Research announced that the global organic beauty market was likely to reach $15.98bn by 2020, as demand for organic skincare, haircare and colour cosmetics drives consumers to look for natural and organic labels.
Now new market analysis released by Persistence Market Research has shown that with the year-on-year growth in organic beauty, the global market should be worth just under $22bn by 2024. Those figures suggest approximate growth of 8-10% per year. The current natural and organic beauty market is estimated to reach the value of US$ 11,057.1 Mn in 2016, which means that analysts expects the market’s value to double in the next 8 years.
BODY OCEAN is in the trend offering Wild and Organic cosmetics based on Ocean Algae.

Key Points

  • Bring ocean wild premium compounds to human skin

  • Promote sustainabilty in the regions envolved in our products

  • Transparency in our ingredients



Get in Touch

+351 930 431 940

Sustainable Development Goals

The human body absorbs a large amount of chemical elements applied to the skin.
An example of this are medicines like the pill contraceptive through a sticker applied to the skin whose active ingredients enter the bloodstream. That is why it is very important that skincare is free of toxic elements and harmful to health, hence the growing need and demand of organic cosmetics products.
In the case of BODY OCEAN, we use as the main ingredient Wild algae from pristine waters such as the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (as algae also absorb pollutants)
The algae have incredible properties for the skin: Antioxidant, firming, moisturizing, protective, anti-aging, anti-tumor, antibacterial and even UV filter.
BODY OCEAN produces exclusive and cosmetic extracts with raising index of wild and organic ingredients, meeting all the safety standards of the European Cosmetics Act.
Each kg of dried seaweed allows to produce extract for tens kgs of cosmetic. Our algae are picked by hand by local catchers, certified by the Regional Government of the Azores. Its price is much higher than that of the Continental Algae or culture algae. Because their harvesting is quite limited and allows a fair and sustainable work-income relationship for the local community. Seaweed harvesting is conducted not only by biological, but social, strict SUSTAINABILITY standards, respecting above everything else that allows us to live from the Sea.
Primary packaging in recyclable polypropylene bottle with Airless system that allows the total use of the cream without waste.
The secondary packaging is made on paper with FSC certificate C129070 (Packaging from responsible sources)
Depending on the weather conditions, algae take an average of 3 days to dry in greenhouses. When the climate is required, the solar powered dryer is used to ensure a single, continuous drying process by controlling the humidity levels of the air in order to maintain its biochemical properties and its potential for use in biotechnology.
At least 70% of the ingredients in our formulas have biological certification.

Company Info

Scoparia Lda.
Rua Jose Avilez 1B 4A 2750-398
Cascais - Portugal
+351 930 431 940
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